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I was messing with this track and made this on accident, this has to be the scariest thing I have EVER heard in my life. It sounds like a horror movie song, I am literal terrified of this and had to share it with you.

alternate universe wherein Anna freezes to death and comes back as a horrifying undead wight with a misshapen, throbbing mass of mutated snow olafs that roll after you. She roams the halls, knocking on doors, searching for Elsa… come play, Elsa….


You are the only reason I like this monstrosity of an audio clip ;-;

I was waiting for art to be made for this LOL

D̫̗̖̫͜O̟̲̭̟ ̠̰͘Y̳̪O͎͚͓̠ͅU̷ ̞W̹̕A͕͕̹̱̲NT͈͎̥̝̺̫ ̜̳̝͎̥͕̘TO͉ B̸̗UI͟L͕̱D̷̻̼̱̞ ̰̘̺̻͕̼̥͝À̩ ͉̣̘͔̠̝̲͘S̵͕̣͍N̤̣͖̠͇̜O̶̮W̟̪͖̻̜ͅM̙̫͖̻̳̞AN̡͔̠͙?̤͈͍

Elsa…. Elsa it’s cold…

I’m sorry I found this to be hilarious xD


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I read somewhere that this campaign lowered local rape statistics by 11%.

Keep reblogging this. Everyone.


Please, please reblog this far and wide. We need more posters that remind people that they are in charge of their own actions and that means they can decide not to rape.

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"Happy New Year, Toby."

"Happy New Year, Martyn"

Another quick drawing i did. Happy New Years from InTheLittleCorp!

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listen can you hear that? those aren’t fireworks celebrating the new year. no that’s the sound of the entire sherlock fandom rising from the grave. this is it. this is the apocalypse.

welcome to the new age.

welcome to season 3.

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i am not okay with the fact that it is 2013 on one side of the planet and 2014 on the other side of the planet

then it should really make you mad to know that since Ethiopia has 13 months and celebrates their new year on September 11th, they are still in 2005
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I was talking to a guy I used to work with at Disneyland about how he was promoted to head costume designer and he was freaking out about his first assignment

  1. Him: it has to be perfect
  2. Me: what does?
  3. Him: they'll kill me if I screw up this dress
  4. Me: no they won't it's just a dress
  5. Him: yes they will I'm going to waste their money then Mickey Mouse is going to have me dropped on a deserted island far away where I'll die alone
  6. Me: it can't be that big a deal, are you making a parade character's dress or something?
  7. Him: they gave me so much money, I'm going to fuck it up. She'll look hideous
  8. Me: it'll be okay if you make a mistake, who's dress are you making?
  9. Him: *whispers* Elsa
  10. Me: isn't Elsa already in the park with a complete costume?
  11. Him: yes
  12. Me: then how are you doing her dress if it's done already?
  13. Him: her park dress is done. But she has her official, internationally televised and watched by millions coronation into the Disney royal family as a queen coming up and all the other members of the royal family will be there even the queens and all the princes and they've already booked the castle and they gave me one million dollars to design the perfect dress for Elsa as my first assignment.
  14. Me: oh...shit
  15. Him: *starts crying quietly*
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Tips for self defense in places where you can’t use the likes of pepper spray etc (it’s also legal).

  1. Use a house key or a car key
  2. If you have key rings on the keys, simply keep these in the palm of your hand and hold tight.
  3. Place the key between your ring finger and your middle finger - do not place it between your index and middle finger as it’s a weaker hold. 
  4. If you want to be discreet, keep this position in your coat pocket or somewhere where you can keep the keys hidden. If you don’t have a pocket, try keeping hold of the keys in your hand but within your sleeve - as if they were too big for you.
  5. If you feel in danger or someone goes to attack you, try to jab your attacker in the places circled in red. These are weak spots and will give off a feeling of being stabbed, however there will be no wound - it’ll just stun your attacker and bide you enough time to run. 
  6. Try to aim for the lower areas such as the stomach and sides, these are weaker spots, however the middle of the chest and neck help too. This is the same for women. 

This is important.